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Kacey B.

Nanny Sarah is simply the best!!! I brought my 9 month old son to her after needing to return to work earlier than originally planned. From the moment we spoke on the phone, we instantly connected and I could tell how much she truly loves the children that she cares for each day. She is actively engaged with my son and from day 1 started working on a pre-school readiness program for him that covers letters, numbers, shapes, colors, etc. My son loves their walks and getting to snuggle for reading time. Nanny Sarah is truly a partner in raising my son - we talk about his development and she works to make sure that we are aligned in our approach so that my son gets consistency when he is at home with us and when he is with her. She is very loving but also firm when she needs to be, helping my son to stay safe and also helping him learn how to respect boundaries. My son is now 14 months old and absolutely thriving with her. Nanny Sarah is a part of our family and we love her!!!

Christy T.

Nanny Sarah has been an absolute blessing to our family! I found her when my child was 3 months and felt underwhelmed with the other caregivers I spoke with, until I met Nanny. She instantly made me feel at ease giving up my baby a few days a week so I could get back to work. She has devoted her life to caring for children and it shows. Nanny Sarah doesn't just watch the kids, she goes above and beyond to educate and love them. My husband and I have learned way more about our child from Nanny than from her own doctor. Due to our jobs and having no family near, Nanny often watched our child overnight and on weekends. I feel 100% comfortable knowing she is in the right hands. I know it's scary finding childcare, especially with a new baby, but I promise you. These reviews don't lie. She's worth every dollar.

Shelby E.

Simply put, Nanny Sarah is the best! Finding care for our baby was easily one of the more stressful things we ever had to do. Interviewing strangers that you are going to eventually leave your child with for an extended amount of time - not fun. We knew instantly after our meeting with Nanny Sarah that she was the perfect fit for our family! Yes, there are plenty of other options but at the end of the day what we wanted more than anything else was to not have to worry that our baby wasn't getting TOP NOTCH CARE - and that's exactly what Nanny Sarah provides!

Korey W.

Nanny Sarah is a breath of fresh air. She is everything you would want in a caregiver and even more! Smart, kind, soulful, funny , engaging , wise playful, dependable, hard working, and loving. She really exceeded all of our expectations. Where is the I love this caretaker button? Nanny Sarah is truly amazing!! Definitely a baby care pro!!

Bess T.

Nanny Sarah hands down is an amazing caregiver. My husband and I were skeptical on someone being dependable, honest, loving, and trustworthy with our child. She is down to earth and genuinely passionate about the well being of these little munchkins she looks after. At first, I thought.... well, how can she handle up to 4 babies... SHE CAN! She is very experienced, loving, and firm but allowing the babies be babies and grow. The babies all learn from one another and grow so fast with the personal attention Nanny Sarah gives it is worth hiring her. We were gone a week on vacation my daughter being 7 months old misses her and giggled when she saw her. My daughter even held Sarah's face and tried to kiss her. That's when you know your baby is in good hands. Nanny Sarah has been watching my little girl since she was 3.5 months old. We are very blessed and lucky to have Sarah in our lives. WE LOVE her dearly!

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