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  • What makes Nanny Sarah different?
    The difference is so much more than price! Nanny Sarah is the most important difference! She is a certified and highly qualified Care Pro with a genuine passion for her tiny clients and their families. Her love for and decades of comprehensive experience in caring for newborns, babies, and children makes her an invaluable part of her client families. “Nanny Sarah is WONDERFUL!!! My husband and I met with and interviewed well over fifty nanny applicants, daycare centers, home daycare, and babysitters too! We really did our homework. And none came close to Nanny Sarah with her experience and knowledge.”
  • Why should our family hire a nanny versus a daycare?
    If you’re not able to care for your baby full-time yourself, hiring a nanny is the premium solution to your child-care needs. A nanny is more than a babysitter. She’s a highly-trained professional whose sole job is to love, care for, and teach your baby. A Nanny becomes a teacher, a guide, and a coach that helps with your child’s schedule, food, activities, development, and playmates. A certified Nanny ensures that your baby is in an optimum environment to foster proper development, growth, and learning. Experts agree that children’s needs are best met in a low ratio environment where babies feel loved, have a routine, comfortable napping, learning, playing with age appropriate toys, socialization, and enjoying one-on-one time with a loving care provider. Hiring a nanny also provides families flexibility regarding hours, sick days, and travel time. Most nannies become a part of the family! “Nanny Sarah is by far the ABSOLUTE BEST!! Look no further she is AWESOME! She was referred to us by another family and we are so thankful she took care of our newborn daughter and son (twins) from the age of 3 months until my children turned 2 and were ready for preschool. She taught them daily to prepare them for school, played, baked, took them to the aquarium, Disneyland, went for walks, kept them on a routine with love, structure, fun, and proper rules and discipline for their age. She taught us as new parents but most importantly loved all of us so well. She is a member of our family now.”
  • Information to consider regarding daycare:
    Whether you’re considering a daycare center, home daycare, or preschool there are usually a high ratio of children to teachers. For example, typical infant programs require a ratio of 1:4 with a mixed age group of 10 (toddlers) and a maximum group of 12. In Nanny Sarah’s professional experience, that’s just too many children for one person to properly love, care, nurture, and teach on a day to day basis. Even the best daycare/preschool centers are institutionalized settings that are designed to care for and manage large groups of children that is not in the best interest of the child. But that’s not the only thing to consider when you’re looking at a daycare for your baby. Even the best daycares can’t provide consistent one-on-one attention. If your child needs a hug or the comfort of a special story read before nap time it’s not likely that a daycare can accommodate that need. Daycares are, unfortunately, frequently understaffed and unable to consistently monitor the cleanliness of toys, prohibit the sharing of pacifiers and bottles, properly address toileting, and thoroughly monitor the cleanliness of diapering and napping facilities. Daycare classes and age groups are commonly combined, violating advertised teacher to child ratios. This often occurs after parents have dropped their children off and without their knowledge. Teachers and assistants are often overworked, uneducated, underpaid and under appreciated… causing stress and frustration. Understandably, staff turnover tends to be very high in most daycare centers, which means that your baby won’t be able to form crucial trust bonds with their caregiver. Parents have reported that the wrong bottles, blankets, pacifiers and clothing are often sent home at the end of the day, making one mother wonder if her baby was receiving her breast milk or not! Some daycares may also claim to be preschools or schools… an unplanned visit by parents may show otherwise that the claim is an empty one and that no learning is taking place. Most daycares have a policy which states sick children are not allowed at daycare. However, a visit to any daycare will confirm the presence of children with runny noses and coughs often. Medications (antibiotics, Tylenol, etc.) are commonly administered. Colds, Flu, RSV, Covid, Croup, Whooping Cough, Hand Foot and Mouth Disease and many other illnesses are frequently shared in daycare settings due to lack of proper daily cleaning/sanitizing and your child getting sick means more time off from work for the parents. Daycares have set hours with no flexibility. If you’re required to work late, you will need a backup adult to pick up and care for your child… or face exorbitant fees for being late. Need to work on Saturday or a holiday? Most daycare centers are closed on Saturdays and most holidays.
  • Doesn't my baby need the socialization that a daycare provides?
    There are many ways for babies and children to learn social skills. A nanny may carefully select play dates, be a part of a nanny share, attend activities and outings, go to the park, run a story time or classes, encourage playing with other babies, provide love and attention, and all the socialization your child needs. You should also consider that children model the behaviors they observe and that many of the social behaviors exhibited in daycare settings aren’t always ideal. You may not really want your children learning some of the social behaviors that other children have.
  • Why does Nanny Sarah charge a registration fee?
    There is time and labor involved in setting up your family profile, invoices, advertising, interviewing, and background screening.
  • Can our family have a trial period with Nanny Sarah?
    Yes! Nanny Sarah requests that the trial period be within the first two (2) days of care. After the first two (2) days, families are required to modify and/or end the arrangement by written notice to along with a verbal 60-day notice to Nanny Sarah, OR you may pay for 60 days of care to end the arrangement immediately. There are no refunds. There are no trial periods for short-term or date night families.
  • How does Nanny Share payment work?
    It’s easy and convenient to make your Nanny Share payment. Your care invoice will come every 4 weeks directly to your email. Please pay your invoice immediately on receipt to avoid a late fee of $10 per day For your convenience, Nanny Sarah accepts electronic payments through Zelle or Venmo...whichever is easier for you. Nanny Share hours are Monday-Friday 7:30AM- 5:30PM. If you require more than 9 hours of care per day no problem but that is an additional cost... please contact Nanny Sarah for details and her current rates for late-pick up.
  • Does Nanny Sarah have a child late pick-up fee?
    YES! When your running late, a last minute meeting, or fighting traffic it can be stressful and it’s no fun for anyone. Nanny Sarah understands exactly how you feel when unexpected things happen for any reason. You may be stressed, had a hectic day, and things just happen sometimes… these aren’t good times. And, unfortunately, these are also times when your baby still requires Nanny Sarah to care for your baby and work overtime until you arrive. Nanny Share hours are between 7:30AM-5:30PM up to 9 hours of care. If your child requires more than 9 hours of care per day no problem at all the rates are as follows: It is $20 an hour with a one hour minimum during nanny share hours through 5:30PM.For example: If you drop your child off at 7:30AM please pick your child up by 4:30PM to avoid the late pick-up fee of $20 during nanny share hours throughj 5:30PM. -After 5:30PM- There is a 5 minute courtesy given by Nanny Sarah for the first 3 late pick-ups however after a parent has been late 3 times total in a 12 month period. Monday-Thursday the rate changes to $30 an hour with a one hour minimum Beginning October 1, 2019 There will be no further grace period given on Friday late pick-ups. There will be an automatic late pick-up fee of $30 up to 30 minutes late with a 30 minute minimum. After 30 minutes the charge is a dollar a minute. Late-pick up invoices are billed and due immediately. Any invoice not paid immediately receives a $10 a day late fee until payment in full has been received. For example: A parent arrives at 5:36PM the late pick-up fee is $30 A parent arrives at 6:05PM the late pick-up fee is $30 + $5 for a total of $35
  • Does Nanny Sarah get paid for holidays, vacation, and sick days?"
    All Federal Holidays, Sick Days, and Vacations are paid for Nanny Sarah. There are no refunds, credits, make-up, or rotating days if your child is sick or misses his or her scheduled care days due to vacation or family visiting.
  • What is Nanny Sarah's Sick Policy during the Coronavirus Outbreak?
    Dear Beloved Families, ​ These are trying times, aren't they? I'm here to help you... whether it's by providing advice or lending a listening ear to you as I continue to love and care for your little one. ​ Please know that I understand how much you and your family rely on Nanny Share for your childcare needs. I want you to know that I am completely committed to continuing to provide the reliable, high quality care your family is accustomed to receiving during this public health emergency. ​ I love your children and I want the very best for your family. My priority is to promote health and safety for everyone while protecting those most vulnerable to the coronavirus... especially your little ones. ​ I've been staying informed with up-to-the-minute updates on Covid-19, and I'm currently taking the following steps to minimize any health risks to your children, you, and the community: enhanced cleaning procedures for toys, bedding, high chairs, strollers, and anything else used to care for the babies. social distancing, no public outings, and limited personal contact with others outside of Nanny Share since March 1, 2020. And as of Februrary 2021 Nanny Share will return to 4 babies once it is safe and everyone will be required to be fully vacinated with 2 shots (Pfizer or Moderna). Parents will be required to show personal idenification and vacination cards. ​ Nanny Sarah's Nanny Share will continue to provide a safe haven for your little ones unless directed to close by the local, state or federal governmental authorities, including the CDC, in order to curtail the spread of this virus. ​ Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the following updated Nanny Share Sick Policy change is in immediate effect: ​ If you, a family member, someone that you've had contact with, or your child has the following symptoms (or shows signs of having any of these symptoms), they may not come to Nanny Share for fourteen (14) days or until a doctor has confirmed that they are free of Covid-19 (coronavirus): fever runny nose sore throat cough headache vomiting diarrhea stomach ache difficulty breathing body aches ​ If you need more information, the CDC website is located at ​ As new developments occur, I'll share information on how Nanny Share will continue to operate safely and effectively while caring for the babies. ​ Thank you so much for being a valued client. We can get through this together! ​ With warmest regards, ​ Nanny Sarah and the Administrative Team
  • Does Nanny Sarah have a sick policy?
    When your baby’s sick, it’s no fun for anyone. Nanny Sarah understands exactly how you feel when your little one is under the weather for any reason. Your baby is cranky, you’re unhappy… these aren’t good times. And, unfortunately, these are also times when your baby can’t attend Nanny Share. For the protection of all the children in care - as well as the health of your own child and Nanny Sarah – here’s the Nanny Share Sick Policy. In order to protect the group as a whole, sick parents or exposed and or sick children must be kept at home. (NO EXCEPTIONS) In the event that a child becomes sick, the family will be notified and prompt pick-up (within one hour) arrangements must be made in order to protect the other children. Children with infectious illnesses cannot attend. Common Cold Policy Colds and kids go together… unfortunately. The younger your child, the more difficult it is to keep the spread of germs down. For example: hand to face contact, mouthing of toys, uncontrolled nasal discharge, uncovered sneezing and coughing, etc. Sick babies also take extra care and cuddles to help them feel better, which means that the ability to provide high quality care to the rest of the children is jeopardized. How Can I Tell My Baby is Sick? Any fever over 100.4° F is a sign that your child is sick. If the baby's fever symptoms seem to be in line with those associated with teething, like drooling, swollen gums and chewing on their fingers, and it's a low-grade fever, then teething is the issue Teething is OK. Sick isn’t. Children suffering from a common cold will be assessed on an individual basis. If we all have a cold, then it’s no problem for your child to come to Nanny Share. If your child is the only one in Nanny Share with a cold… sorry, but you must keep them home. A child may return when he or she is free from symptoms and no longer infectious. The child should also be well enough to actively participate throughout the day. In any case of serious or unexplainable illness, a doctor’s medical clearance may be required prior to admission back into care. Specific Symptoms and Conditions Fever 99.9 degrees and higher (this includes the night before/morning of Nanny Share.) No fever for 24 hours without taking fever reducing medication. If you had to give your child medicine the night before then that still means they cannot come to Nanny Share the next morning. Rash - Unexplained rash (especially on the back or belly please see the doctor and bring a note stating your child is not contagious. Flu/Bronchitis/Pneumonia - Consult doctor/Need a note stating it is ok to come back to Nanny Share. This usually takes about 2-3 days before they can come back to Nanny Share. Your baby must be on antibiotics and have no other symptoms and no fever for at least 48 hours without taking fever reducing medication. Vomiting or/and Diarrhea - All symptoms must be gone and no vomiting or diarrhea for a full 24 hours. Example: if the baby was sick at 2 AM, you have to have no symptoms until 2 AM the next day. Strep Throat - Consult doctor/Need a doctor’s note. Your baby must be on antibiotics for a full 24 hours and be without a fever without medication for it. Ear Infection - Consult doctor/Need a doctor’s note. Your baby must be on antibiotics and have no fever for 24 hours before returning. Conjunctivitis (red eyes with yellow discharge)/Pink Eye – Your baby must be on eye drops/antibiotics for 24 hours. Hand Foot and Mouth Disease - (Very contagious) Symptoms include ulcers, or sores, inside or around the mouth, and a rash or blisters on the hands, feet, legs, or buttocks. Consult doctor/Need a doctor’s note. Child must be on antibiotics and no fever for 24 hours before returning. Head Lice - Usually takes 36 hours to treat both head and house. Your baby may return to Nanny Share when all nits have been removed and your child is cleared from the doctor. You need a doctor’s note. If you have any questions concerning this policy and whether your child should attend, please text or call Nanny Sarah before bringing your child. PLEASE BE COURTEOUS OF ALL CHILDREN IN THE NANNY SHARE AND REFRAIN FROM BRINGING AN ILL CHILD UNTIL A FULL 24 HOURS HAVE PASSED SINCE ANY FEVER, VOMITING, RASH, DIARRHEA, OR ANY OTHER COMMUNICABLE SYMPTOMS HAVE OCCURRED. Remember, the only thing sadder than a sick baby is a bunch of sick babies and parents.
  • Does Nanny Sarah use a specific curriculum?
    Yes! Babies get to have fun learning from the age-appropriate curriculum from the award-winning Preschool Prep. The Preschool Prep Series uses videos, workbooks, apps, coloring, and reading books to immerse children in a fun, meaningful educational environment that makes them love to learn. When Nanny Share babies aren't having fun learning Spanish and English... ABCs Numbers Colors Phonics Sight Words Addition/Subtraction Math Drills ...Your child is playing with blocks and other age-appropriate toys, having fun in organized activities: song, musical play, wagon rides (seriously, you can't believe how cute a wagon train of smiling babies is!), going for walks or outings to the local park (weather permitting), and even learning how to bake simple things like cookies or pancakes (once they turn 2 years old). Nanny Sarah provides the solid, proven early education that your baby will thrive on while adding the little personal touches that mean so much.
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